Valentine's Day 2013 Love Advice - Tips on How to Get Your Lover Back

If you are sitting there all day crying and expecting to get your lover back to spend your Valentine's day with in a romantic getaway setting, you are probably feeling helpless right now. The truth is that there is always something you can do to make him fall in love with you again. We are going to drive right in now with a foundational concept that is certainly going to increase your chances of getting your lover back no matter what caused the break up in the first place.

There are some proven ways you can use to get your lover to understand why the two of you are actually meant for each other. If you follow the tips below, you will be able to enjoy Valentine's Day 2013 in your lover's arms.

Valentine's Day Wallpaper - The History of St. Valentine's Day

Across the world on February 14th, many flowers, cards and gifts will be exchanged between loved ones, as St. Valentine's day is celebrated.

However, the story of why we celebrate this day is a bit of a mystery.

The tradition of St. Valentine's Day mixes elements of both ancient Roman rites and Christian tradition. Just to confuse matters further, three different saints called Valentine are recognised by the Catholic Church.

One legend is that Valentine was a priest in Rome during the third century. Emperor Claudius II decreed that marriage was to be outlawed for young men, as he thought that single men made better soldiers than those who were married with families.

Valentine, felt the decree was unjust and unfair, and defied the Emperor by performing secret marriages for young lovers. When his actions for undercover lovers was discovered, Claudius ordered valentine be executed. Variations on this legend say that Valentine was put to death for trying to help fellow Christians escape from harsh Roman prisons where they were often tortured.

According to another legend, Valentine may have actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself in 270 AD the day before he was to be executed for refusing to renounce his Christian beliefs. Allegedly he sent note of appreciation to his jailer's blind daughter for bringing him food and delivering messages while he was imprisoned, signed "from your Valentine.

While we can never be certain as to the true origin of the St. Valentine legend, one thing is for certain, it must have been an appealing and enduring story because by the Middle Ages, Valentine had become one of the most popular saints in France and Britain.

The timing observance of his saint's day may have been driven by the common place practice of trying to integrate previous pagan festivals into the Christian calendar. in this case, the Lupercalia festival.